June 9, 2017

The Time We Drove To Rio

Yup, you read that right, my family and I drove to Rio.
24 hours in the truck would make anyone tired, speaking of tired...

So on our way to Rio, Brazil, we stopped at a gas station 
where we got some directions to a place to get stamped in the country.

After that, we decided to stop for some ice cream at a little ice cream shop.
And let's just say I was very tired.
When we took our ice cream, (My brothers and I got small shakes instead)
And for some strange reason I took my straw out, and all the ice cream fell on me.
Yup. On. Me.

We continued to drive it took us three days to get there. 
(But that was only a few hours every day) 

So yeah, we had one of the best vacations ever.

Us kids in the truck

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