June 13, 2017

The Truth

The truth is very important.
And lying doesn't solve anything anyway.
So no matter how strange the truth would sound if you told it,
tell it, because if you don't, you will regret it the rest of your life.

Last year my family and I went to a conference in Brazil.
We only knew a few people that were going, so I made a few new friends. 
OK, like 20 friends. (Most were older than me)

Anyway, we all had a blast, we played a game called Ninja, (Very fun)
talked, sang Christian songs together and played Uno. (A card game)
We spoke in English and Portuguese. 

We were there for five days total, 
and on the last day three of my new friends, all three of them were guys. 
(That is what I get for having two brothers­čśâ)
They asked me how old I was, I told them I was twelve, (which I was) 
they were like, "Oh, OK."

Then one of them said, "Wait, twelve?"

I nodded my head and said, "Yeah." with a grin.

Then they said, "We thought you were like seventeen!"

It was a good thing I set them straight and told the truth that I was only twelve.
But yeah, that was an amazing trip, and I am glad I told the truth.

And if you tell the truth you will be glad too.

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