June 11, 2017

The Time We Went To McDonalds

Today, I am going to tell you a story about the time we went to McDonald.

I think I'll skip a little into the story.

One day on furlough in the USA, 
my family and I went to a McDonald.
 (Which is strange because we really don't like McDonald)
And this time I opened the front door for some people.
When we walked up to the counter, 
an older man walked up to me and said, 
"I just want to thank you for opening that door for people."
Then he handed me a McDonald gift card.

I. Was. Shocked.
I didn't know that some people noticed. 
Sure, some people said, "Thank You." but they didn't do anything else.
(Not that I was expecting them too😀)

But that man, whether a Christian or not, will always be in my prayers.

So know that the little things matter just as much as the big ones. 

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