June 30, 2017

The Benham Brothers

Whatever The Cost And Living Among Lions

Both of these books are amazing.
I hope you enjoy them.

June 28, 2017

Reach The Unreached

God tells us to go out into the world and to reach the unreached.
But what do you think when you tell God, "Here I am, send me."
What do you expect?

We were all called to be a missionaries?
We all got our doors knocked on, so why are some of us ignoring it?
If you are ignoring it because you don't think you are good enough, your wrong.

I hate being up on stages, but I do it because I was called and asked to go up.
We all have to do thing we don't like.

Whether you are planing on going door to door and preach the gospel,
or going on the other side of the world it's important to:

1. Learn the language.

2. Study the culture.

3. Make friends.
If you have friends to walk alongside you then the road won't be as rough.

4. Leave the way you think at home.
You have to keep in mind that they probably don't believe or think like you do, 
so don't judge them if they do something differently than you.

5. Get out of your comfort zone.
Do things with people, include them, love them, show them you care.

6. Stand out and be different.
It can be hard to stand out and be the odd one.
But if you are like everyone else, you will be forgoten.
If you are different they will never forget you.

And you never know, 
you could be the next Amy Carmichael, Jim Elliot, or Eric Liddell

June 25, 2017

Be A Responsible Worker

At some point in our lives we have to get a job, right?
I mean, do you really want to live off of what other people give you?
I don't.

Isaiah 22:24
They will give him great responsibility
and he will bring honor to even the lowliest members of his family.

Being responsible is very important.
Being responsible can help you grow in many ways.
You become mature.
You learn to really care.
You become disciplined too.

So, I encourage you to be responsible, 
maybe offer to help your mom with the dishes, 
or help your dad do something.

But you have to admit, once in a while it's nice to hear.
"You are the most responsible kid I've ever met!"

Back To School

So, tomorrow is the first day that I start doing school for three weeks.
(I really start school in August)
My family and I are going on vacation in October,
but I get to start school a little earlier.
So that I don't have to worry about doing any on my vacation.
And believe me when I say
 that I didn't act like this when I found out I was doing school early...

Enjoy your season!

June 23, 2017

It's Okay To Be Prayed For

Often I forget that there are tons of people that pray for me.
And often I forget to pray for those people too.

I forget that they faithfully pray for my family everyday.

Some people out there don't want to be prayed for, isn't that sad?

I pray for a lot of people, 
I pray for each one of my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, 
my parents, my friends, missionaries, people I just met, and others.

Can you imagine a life without prayer?
The days when you feel like the world is against you 
and the only person you want to talk to is God, but you can't.

That would be absolutely miserable! 

And yet at times we still take talking to God for granted.
Why do we?
Because we are sinners, plain and simple.

Believe me, you are not the only one that takes prayer for granted.
 Sometimes I take talking to God for granted. (Though I wish I didn't)
Some days it feels more like an obligation than a gift.

Prayer is a gift. And don't forget it.
Be thankful, and let God know that you are thankful.

June 20, 2017


Duolingo is a free website that lets you learn a language for free.
It is very helpful for me.
I finished Spanish.
I am also learning Guarani, (One of Paraguay's national languages)
German and Portuguese.

But yeah, if you are interested in learning a different language.
I would like to recommend Duolingo.

13 Years In Paraguay!

Today my family and I are celebrating 13 years in Paraguay!
13 years ago my parents, with a two-year-old 
and a four-month-year-old, boarded a plane to Paraguay.

God called my family and I to live and serve in Paraguay.

Where in the world do you think God is calling you?

Well, wherever He's calling you, keep in mind that everyone needs Him.

I'm A Writer

So in Book Wars I wrote that I wanted to write a book.
Well... I finally did.
A small 108 paged book.
It still needs edited but the story is finished.
I don't know if it will ever get published.
But that's isn't why I wrote a book.
I wrote a book because I enjoy writing. 
I'm putting my book in God's hands.

And I haven't been writing almost everyday on my blog
 because I started writing book two.

Anyway, I will try to write more often in the future.

PS. The book is called "Joy In Meadow Brook"

June 18, 2017

Happy Fathers Day!

Today is Fathers Day!
I think today I am going to do 
something for my dad.

Why don't you join me?
Let's do at least one kind thing for our dads today?

Just to thank him for choosing one of the hardest occupations in the world.
Being a dad.

June 15, 2017

The Months Are Leaving!

It's already June! We are already half way through the year! 
It's so hard to believe! 
It feels like yesterday I could barely reach the kitchen counter.

Babies are now toddlers,
toddlers are now teens,
teens are now young adults, etc.

Time literately does fly by.
And as time passes people and things change.

Some people grow more in God's word, (Sadly) others do not.

Sometimes I get the feeling I'll blink and I'll be so much older.
But I won't.

Anyway, don"t wait to do something you really want to do.
If you want to be a missionary,  be a missionary.
If you want to be a builder be a builder.
If you want to be a singer be a singer.

You can use almost any occupation for God's glory.

June 13, 2017

The Truth

The truth is very important.
And lying doesn't solve anything anyway.
So no matter how strange the truth would sound if you told it,
tell it, because if you don't, you will regret it the rest of your life.

Last year my family and I went to a conference in Brazil.
We only knew a few people that were going, so I made a few new friends. 
OK, like 20 friends. (Most were older than me)

Anyway, we all had a blast, we played a game called Ninja, (Very fun)
talked, sang Christian songs together and played Uno. (A card game)
We spoke in English and Portuguese. 

We were there for five days total, 
and on the last day three of my new friends, all three of them were guys. 
(That is what I get for having two brothers😃)
They asked me how old I was, I told them I was twelve, (which I was) 
they were like, "Oh, OK."

Then one of them said, "Wait, twelve?"

I nodded my head and said, "Yeah." with a grin.

Then they said, "We thought you were like seventeen!"

It was a good thing I set them straight and told the truth that I was only twelve.
But yeah, that was an amazing trip, and I am glad I told the truth.

And if you tell the truth you will be glad too.

June 11, 2017

The Time We Went To McDonalds

Today, I am going to tell you a story about the time we went to McDonald.

I think I'll skip a little into the story.

One day on furlough in the USA, 
my family and I went to a McDonald.
 (Which is strange because we really don't like McDonald)
And this time I opened the front door for some people.
When we walked up to the counter, 
an older man walked up to me and said, 
"I just want to thank you for opening that door for people."
Then he handed me a McDonald gift card.

I. Was. Shocked.
I didn't know that some people noticed. 
Sure, some people said, "Thank You." but they didn't do anything else.
(Not that I was expecting them too😀)

But that man, whether a Christian or not, will always be in my prayers.

So know that the little things matter just as much as the big ones. 

June 10, 2017

I'm In The Middle

So, I am the in the middle of two brothers.

The middle.

The worst/best place to be.

The middle.

OK, if you are in the middle you understand.
Each one of my family members is different, such as:

Mom: Could listen and sing to the same song over and over again. 

Dad: Could work on ten things at once. 

Michael: History genius. 

Kaleb: Can turn anything boring into something fun.

And me..... well, I'm in the middle.
But I really like being in the middle, 
sure sometimes it feels like the youngest gets all the attention, 
and the oldest is the most loved.

But I know, with my family, that we are all loved equally.
No matter who was born first or last.

June 9, 2017

The Time We Drove To Rio

Yup, you read that right, my family and I drove to Rio.
24 hours in the truck would make anyone tired, speaking of tired...

So on our way to Rio, Brazil, we stopped at a gas station 
where we got some directions to a place to get stamped in the country.

After that, we decided to stop for some ice cream at a little ice cream shop.
And let's just say I was very tired.
When we took our ice cream, (My brothers and I got small shakes instead)
And for some strange reason I took my straw out, and all the ice cream fell on me.
Yup. On. Me.

We continued to drive it took us three days to get there. 
(But that was only a few hours every day) 

So yeah, we had one of the best vacations ever.

Us kids in the truck

June 8, 2017

Forgive, Forget And Give!

“Forgive and give as if it were your last opportunity.
 Love like there's no tomorrow, and if tomorrow comes, love again.” 
― Max Lucado

Interesting title? Yeah, well anyway.

For some people it's easy to forgive and give.
And for some people it's harder to forgive and give.

If you don't forgive you are going to carry a huge burden on your shoulders.
I know, sometimes I hold grudges over the dumbest things, but I am learning not too.

Giving, for me, is easy, sometimes I will give things to people, money, clothes, etc.
It makes us happy when we give, it makes me happy when I give.

So forgive people and they will forgive you.
Give and you will receive. 

June 7, 2017

You're Cool Just The Way You Are

A lot of people don't think they are pretty, amazing, fun to be around or.... cool.

People these days, (Mostly teenagers and young adults) think things like that.

Well, I am writing this to tell you something.

Did you get that?

You are amazing, talented, creative, 
and I know someone that loves you even when you make mistakes.
His name is Jesus.

Everyone goes through a lot at some time in their lives.

1 Corinthians 10:13 
The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. 
And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure.

God does care about you and I.
A non caring god wouldn't care if you could stand it or not.

What are some things in your life that were hard, and if you could stand through those,
 then you know that God knows that you can take on more than that.

June 6, 2017

I'm Thankful For....

It's good to be thankful.
Every night each of my family members say something that they are thankful for.
It helps each of us to recognize the things that God does for us.
And we learn how to be thankful.

I'm thankful that I don't see things in black and white.
I'm thankful for plants, the sun and animals.
I'm thankful for my family.
I'm thankful for my amazing friends here in Paraguay.
I'm thankful for a loving and caring God.
I'm thankful that I am a Christian.

And I could go on all day but I will stop with those.
I challenge you to think of a few things that you are thankful for today.

June 4, 2017

God's Kids

1 John 2:29
Since we know that Christ is righteous, 
we also know that all who do what is right are God’s children.

Isn't it amazing? We actually have two dads.
We are God's kids.

This verse says, "Christ is righteous." 
And if we do what is righteous or right 
we will be recognized as God's kids or children. 

Wouldn't that be amazing?
If people looked at you and said, 

"Look, he/she has such a servant's heart,
 I know that they love God and that he/she is God's child, 
because they do what is right."

I'll admit, it's not always easy to do the right thing, but it pays off.
A lot.

So I encourage you to do the right thing. And do it with your whole heart.

June 3, 2017

Homeschool Rocks!

I am one of those people that actually enjoy doing school.
Math, language, spelling, etc.

I am going into 8th grade this year, I am on vacation. (in a way)
But I already started my 8th grade spelling book. 
One of the reasons I love homeschool: You can do it anytime you want.

For a few years I went to a private school, which was not fun.
I wasn't bullied in the sense that I got punched in the face, 
but I was left out a lot, ignored and lonely. 

At first I made friends, but as I got older, it got harder.

Then my mom decided to homeschool us three 
so that we could all go on trips together. (Me and my two brothers)
Really, I love homeschool so much better.
Usually I can get it all done in two-and-a-half hours which is also nice.

I know what you go through at a private or public school.
I went to one too. It's not easy, but it gets easier.

June 2, 2017

In Your Own World

Sometimes we need to go in our own world for a while.
To think, to figure out life, to think about what you are going though right now.

Whatever it may be, it is nice to go into your own world for a while.

To forget the problems in the world, the problems at:
School, at work, at a restaurant, at a park, in cites, at the hospital, or anywhere else.

I go in my own world, I think a lot, I imagine, 
Sometimes I create adventures in my mind.
It gets my mind off of things, like a break from the world.

It's not a bad thing to go into your own world,
 but your problems aren't  going to solve themselves.
 If you don't do something to solve it...

So you can go in your own world, 
but realize that you are loved, cared and wanted in the real world.

June 1, 2017

My Bucket List

OK, so recently I figured out what a bucket list is.

And I thought I would make my own...

6 things I really want to do:
Go to the beach. (In October)
Go to the park.
Take pictures.
Spend more time with my family.
Read my Bible everyday.
And eat some ice cream. (Even though it is winter here!)

That is my list, what is your bucket list?

Girls Chasing Boys

Yesterday I found a great blog article called:

If you click the link it will take you to the article.

Quote from the article: 
"The better approach is to focus on friendship first, 
even when you have a crush. Let boys see the real you. "

Hope it helps you and I hope you enjoy it.